Sermons from January 2023

Sermons from January 2023

Revelation 4 & 5: Jesus Is Worthy!

This week we get to follow John up into the Throne Room of Heaven and see a vivid depiction of our glorious, triune God. We will join in a heavenly worship service as we see that Jesus, the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the slaughtered lamb who is alive and reigns over heaven and earth, is the only one in all creation worthy to unseal God’s book and oversee the course of history.

Chapter 2 & 3: Let Him Who Has Ears Hear

In Week 2 of our series through the mysteriously remarkable book of Revelation, we discover Jesus, the glorious head of all the churches as he directly speaks to his people who are engaged in holy war. He calls them to pay attention, walk with him, and place their hope in the glories of eternal life. In letters he wrote to seven Asian churches, we will find some words to challenge and strengthen us as individuals and as a church.

Chapter 1: Jesus’s Revelation

This week we kick off our 16 week walkthrough of one of the most enigmatic and evocative books in the whole Bible. Revelation. Join us as we begin to explore a book that was written to bless, strengthen, and encourage the first century church, as well as every church and every believer through ages, including us today, and every church to come (possibly for ages more!), until Christ finally returns just as He promises. Our hope is that you’ll be able to approach this book with fresh eyes to see what is clearly in it. This is “The Revelation of Jesus”, encouraging weary saints by showing us our Victorious Savior!

The Prince of Peace

The wonderful prophecy about Jesus in Isaiah 9 declares that He is our “wonderful counselor” and our “prince of peace.” This week, we will discuss how Christ promises to bring us peace through prayer. This promise can feel hard to believe sometimes, but as we look at Christ’s example, we can find the encouragement and grace we need as we strive for peace in our souls.

The Resistance Against Loneliness

The story of Christ coming to earth and taking on human nature—the Incarnation—impacts us more than we may realize. That momentous event shouts to us of the nearness of God by the prophetic name given to Christ—Immanuel, meaning God with us. God is with us. Heaven has come to earth. God is now very near. We are never alone. On those days we sense loneliness even in a crowd of people, we can be assured of the tender presence of our God to be to us all we need and long for.