The Songs We Sing

The Songs We Sing

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The Songs We Sing

Our music ministry has a passion to serve the church by singing songs together that are powerful, truthful, thought-provoking expressions of our love for God. The songs we choose to sing shape our view of God, grow our affections for Him, and call us to respond in worship and obedience throughout our entire lives. So we take this task seriously, and we pray that the songs we sing together will bless you as we remember the truths of the gospel together.


To read more about that, check out this article on what we do at our Sunday morning worship gatherings and find more resources at our worship blog.

The Big List

Here’s a playlist with most of the songs we sing together regularly.

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Our New Songs

Here’s a playlist of songs we’ve started singing in 2018. This should give you a chance to learn them.

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Other Music We Like

Check out these recommended albums and artists, which is just a small amount of the incredible music out there.

(Click on the album images to find the music.)

Citizens & Saints

A Seattle-based rock band with a sound that isn’t afraid to have fun, but isn’t willing to compromise on lyrical integrity.

Sandra McCracken

A talented singer-songwriter that pairs a smooth voice with soul-soothing lyrics and melodies.

Dustin Kensrue

A talented musician known for his band Thrice, Kensrue wanted to use his gifts to serve the Church by creating some music for congregational singing.

Steele Crosswhite (The Rock Music)

Steele and the team from The Rock Church (a church we love in Salt Lake City) released an album that is equal parts beautiful and powerful. Check out Your Love Remains.

The Porter’s Gate

A creative movement aimed at reimagining and recreating worship that welcomes, reflects and impacts both community and the Church.

Sovereign Grace Music

A group of churches with a passion to serve the local church with good congregational songs.

Norton Hall Band

A group of pastors-in-training from Southern Seminary who have a knack for producing great arrangements of classic hymns.


If you haven’t heard of David Crowder yet, you are in for a real treat with one of the most talented and unique individuals out there.

Matt Papa

A talented songwriter of songs filled with honesty and richness.

Linworth Music

A ministry of Linworth Road church (a GCC church in Columbus, OH) creating several songs rooted in the Scriptures.

Matthew Smith

A Nashville-based singer-songwriter who writes brand new music to centuries-old hymn texts.


An artist with a knack for writings songs that are both easy and fun to sing along to.

Phil Wickham

An incredible singer with a voice that’s smooth as butter and enchanting God-centered lyrics.

Austin Stone Worship

Musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and artists serving and equipping the Church with content rich in theology, mission, and expression.

Shane & Shane

Artists with some beautiful albums focusing on the Psalms in addition to their long-tenured catalog of work.

Sojourn Music

A collective of musicians with a mission to serve the church by writing, arranging, and recording music to help the church to sing the gospel and express the joys, sorrows, and hopes of our faith.

Getty Music

Modern hymn writers combining exceptionally talented instrumentalists with clear and moving lyrics.

The Gray Havens

A husband/wife duo with a propensity for creative storytelling in their songs.

Jenny & Tyler

Another husband/wife duo with a special passion for helping those in need.

Andrew Peterson

A great storyteller with music that is rich, hopeful, and very human.

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