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Exodus 12-13: The Passover

This morning we are in week 7 of our walk through of Exodus. Last week we looked at one of the most well known and powerful stories in Exodus: God’s judgment on Egypt through the ten plagues. In these plagues God judged Egypt’s idolatry, worship of false gods, proving them to be powerless.  Perhaps there were real spiritual forces at work, but they were no match for The Most High God. Also through these plagues, God revealed to Pharaoh and…

Exodus 7-11 The Plagues

Today’s passage is a story of war, a war between God and the nation of Egypt.  And it is a war between God and Egypt’s gods (or their so-called gods).  The Egyptians worshiped dozens, even hundreds of false gods.  And through the Story of the Ten Plagues, the Lord easily defeats all of them.  God is the initiator of this war because his chosen people, the descendants of Abraham are enslaved, being violently oppressed by the king of Egypt.  And…

Exodus 5-6: God’s Faithfulness in our Faithlessness

Today’s passage sits at a transition between two famous “scenes” in the Exodus narrative: The Burning Bush, and the Plagues. It sets the stage for one of the most important and encouraging messages God sends his people by his actions in delivering them from their bondage. Paul puts it this way to his young protege Timothy: 13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself. 2 Timothy 2:13 (CSB) Let’s back up into our passage from…