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Stonebrook is a thriving, multi-generational congregation in Ames, Iowa that seeks to teach & follow God’s word and glorify Jesus by making disciples.

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Exodus 31: The Sabbath

Please turn in your Bibles to Exodus chapter 31. As a pastor one of the more frequent questions I am asked, especially by young believers trying to figure out how to live out their faith in Jesus in obedience to His scriptures, and maybe especially by busy college students trying to figure out how to best manage their time (and by the way the Venn diagram of those two groups overlaps quite a bit) – is something like “Pastor Matt,…

Exodus 29: Consecration of the priest

Two weeks ago, Matt read several chapters outlining the design details of what was the centerpiece of faith in the living God in ancient Israel.  It’s called the Tabernacle.  It was a tent-like structure, with an ark, an altar, tables, lampstands, curtains, and more. This portable tabernacle was the focal point of worship and forgiveness for Israel for the next 400-500 years, until King Solomon built the permanent structure, the temple. Though this tabernacle was portable, it was a beautiful,…