Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

The Stonebrook Men’s Ministry has four purposes

  1. To encourage and enable men to initiate activities that are fun and easy to invite others to, both churched and unchurched.
  2. Provide catalysts for friendship, discipleship, and mentoring.
  3. Provide a more focused forum for spiritual instruction to men.
  4. Assist and enable men, both single and married, to become more connected with the wider church body and to serve within it.

Get Involved

One of our catalysts for friendship, discipleship, and mentoring is participation in smaller group activities. Some of these are recurring prayer groups, poker nights, a woodworking group, a disc golf group, etc. We need more men to host and kick off these types of groups, and to attend things they are interested in.

To join or start a group, or just find out more info, contact us.