Youth Group

Youth Group

The Stonebrook Youth Group exists to help our 7th-12th grade students and their parents work together discover their design and identity and Christ, and to desire Him more than anything the world has to offer. We do this by equipping parents and teens to meet the unique challenges the world throws at us.

This is a “parent-led” ministry, rather than a conventional “drop-off” youth group.  There will be time and context for peer-to-peer discussion, and mixing of teens with other parents, but the goal is that the content is as relevant to parents as to the teens. We see that one of the main beneficial features is that we study and discuss the bible deeply and together.

During the school year Youth Group meets from 7:00-8:30 on Wednesday nights at Stonebrook for music, Bible study, hangout time, and importantly, snacks. Over the summer, meeting locations vary, so contact us for more info.

Child and Youth Safety Program

For the protection of our youngest SCC members, all employees, staff members, adult volunteers or youth volunteers who will be involved in SCC youth ministries must read our safety policies and fill out some basic forms.

Read about our Safety Program


Pastor Matt Heerema