Sermons on Ephesians

Sermons on Ephesians

Every Member a Minister

Last week we took a look at one of the points of our ministry emphasis at Stonebrook: “every member a minister.” We have four points to this emphasis that is directing our ministry programs this year.  They are:  Last week we looked at the second point: “every believer a member”, how the scriptures call each believers to commit themselves to a local fellowship, a local congregation, and how we work that out here at Stonebrook through a membership process.  This…

Serving The City Through Our Vocations

When we hear about the idea if “good works” while reading the Bible or listening to a sermon, we usually think of “spiritual” work, praying, missionary work, evangelism, charity, etc. But Paul is talking about much more than that: “Good works” include every type of task, including your 9-5 job, your housework, your homework… everything. God cares about every single task you undertake, and every single task you undertake is an opportunity to bring him glory and serve him.

Worship, Scattered – The Christian Life, Monday through Saturday

Summary: We gather together on Sunday AM, from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all situations, to join our streams of worship as one in order to encourage and instruct one another. To remind each other of the Gospel, and to send each other out on Gospel mission. What are we sending ourselves out to do?  The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) – Make disciples from all the nations. Baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit,…
Reignite, Part 2 - The Plan

Reignite Part 2: The Plan

Stonebrook’s whole ministry is designed around this task: helping one another abide in Jesus love, and live with it in full view, every day of our lives.
Reignite, Part 1, Stonebrook DNA

Reignite, part 1 – Stonebrook DNA

(Download: SERMON SLIDES.PDF, sermon notes and discussion questions: .PDF, .DOCX) Last week, this week, and next, we are taking a short break from our walk-through study of John’s Gospel. This week and next we wanted to spend some time here before we begin the ministry year, to take a step back and talk through the foundation of who we are as a church, and talk about our theme for this ministry year: Reigniting a commitment to Stonebrook’s core mission and…

Relationships: The Transition

The Scripture defines only a handful of male-female relationships. Parent-Child, Siblings, and spouses. We in the church are told to treat each other as family, along these lines. What does the transition from sibling to spouse look like? The world sends us many messages regarding dating, marriage, and sexuality, are any of them useful to us? What does dating look like for christians? Join us as we seek to discern cultural expectations (both worldly and our in-house evangelical culture) from biblical principle, and see how God might lead us here.

The Myth of Mutual Submission

Between Mother’s day and Father’s day, we will be going through a series of messages on the family. Not wanting to simply duplicate what we did last year, I decided to tackle a subject that is very important to the family, yet is much broader than that, touching many other areas of life as well.   Today I’m going to talk about submission.   I don’t know what happens inside you when you hear the word “submission.” Some of us…

Stonebrook 101 – Part 2

  Introduction Last week Paul kicked off our three week series, “Stonebrook 101” and did an excellent job of contrasting the competing visions of life: one aimed at pleasing ourselves, and one aimed at pleasing God.  SELFIE VISION VS. JESUS VISION He called the life aimed at pleasing ourselves and making ourselves famous the selfie vision (and here’s a picture of him pretending to take a selfie…, and to be fair here’s a selfie I took recently. This is me…