Sermons on Galatians

Sermons on Galatians


Vainglory: the tendency we have to seek prominence, power, and influence through our accomplishments and efforts. Listen in about how to battle pride by walking in the gospel.

The Holy Spirit – Our Guide

  INTRODUCTION What is God like?  How involved is he in our lives and in this world? Does he have a “hands-off” attitude towards this world? “I made this world, but now you’re on your own unless things get really bad.” We could call this Deism. God might be interested in the happenings of this world, but he doesn’t really intervene. Deism is impossible to find in the Bible. In fact, the coming of God’s Son into the world crushes arguments of Deism. The…

The Holy Spirit and Our Sanctification

  Introduction We Christians like to us the word, “saved.” “I’m saved.” “I have salvation.” My story of salvation began on a warm, August evening when I was a 19-year old engineering student at ISU. Salvation means to be delivered. Rescued.  What happens at “salvation?” Last week Matt clearly talked about eternal life. Salvation. Finding forgiveness and a right standing with God through Jesus Christ. And only through Jesus Christ. It means gaining entrance into life with God forever. Being…