Sermons on James

Sermons on James

Live in the Light of the Whole Gospel

Even in his highly exhortative book, James appeals to the truths of the gospel of Christ. When we authentically engage with the whole gospel–what God has done, is doing, and will do in Christ–our lives will be transformed.

Persevering in Suffering

James points us to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as our source of hope in suffering. And he points us to prayer, that whether we are suffering, cheerful, or sick, our prayers have a powerful effect because God powerfully answers our prayers.

If the Lord Wills – James 4:11-5:6

James exhorts us in three diverse topics. The first is to reject a judgmental, harsh spirit towards our fellow believers, for the Lord is the Judge of all. The second is that in all of our future plans and dreams, we must not be arrogant but realize how brief and frail our lives are, and instead say, “If the Lord wills, I will do this or that.” And third, we are warned by some strong words to wealthy landowners who are getting rich off mistreatment of their laborers.

Words, Wisdom, Desire and Humility

In James 3:1-4:10 – James convicts our hearts of three fundamental problems that exist in the human soul which require transformation to escape. He offers three wonderful gospel promises for those who are willing to admit their need.

Faith in Action

In James chapter two, we find that we become right with God by faith, but only by a faith that results in action – in loving God and others.

Testing of Faith

We’re embarking on a new sermon series diving into the book of James. Check out the introductory message delivered by Pastor Brad.