Sermons on John

Sermons on John

The King Who Serves

For today’s sermon, we showed Dan Rude’s Session from the Faithwalkers 2018 Conference, on John 13.

Life in Jesus Name – Appearance and Restoration in Galilee

Just prior to Jesus’ death, crucifixion, and resurrection, Jesus had given His disciples marching orders regarding what they should do after he left. In John 21, He reveals Himself one more time to His disciples to strengthen their faith in His resurrection and restore His relationship with them, particularly with Peter, who had denied him. From this chapter we learn how we, too, can be restored after failure and learn that Jesus has a specific plan for each of His disciples.

Death Is Defeated

Every person ever born has a relentless and ferocious enemy whose name is death. Ever since Genesis 3, mankind and our world have been under an oppressive curse, the curse of death, which is the judgment from God for our rebellion against him, our Maker. But God in his great mercy and rich love sent his own Son from heaven to take on humanity in order to live the perfect life, offer up himself as a sacrificial exchange, and then rise from the dead to give us life in glory forever and ever. Christ is risen! Behold all things will be made new!

The Crucifixion: To Fulfill the Scriptures

Each of the 4 Gospels contains a detailed account of the Gospel. John’s Gospel contains three events that are uniquely declared to have happened “in order to fulfill the scriptures.” We will discuss the reasons John specifically declares this and its significance for our lives today: that we may believe, and have life.

Jesus, King of Kings

No greater contrast could be found than in the story of Jesus’ death. He was treated like a horrific criminal, kept in custody instead of a terrorist, and declared to be worthy of death, yet he stood before his own people and the Roman government declaring himself to be a king from another world. Just who is Jesus?

Jesus’ Arrest and Trial: John 18:1-27

Jesus remains faithful to His Father and courageously steps forward to face His enemies. He is betrayed by one of his closest companions, is repudiated by His lead disciple, and suffers alone. His courage, sacrifice, and faith reassures us of His love and power and inspires us to imitate Him. His suffering encourages us as we realize that our Savior can identify with our sufferings.

That the World May Know – John 17

In his last hours before his crucifixion—the worst horror and injustice the world has ever seen—Jesus prays. And his prayer is not ritualistic or rote but heartfelt and passionate. And he prays for us. What he prays and how he prays has tremendous significance for us as we learn of our mission and calling.

You will have Trouble, but Take Heart

As we live life following Jesus, we are going to face trouble, persecution, and perhaps even the threat of death for our faith. But we will have everything we need: God knows and is in control, he provides everything we need for the mission through The Holy Spirit and through answered prayer, take heart: we will be with Jesus again soon.

Abide in the Vine

After the resurrection, Jesus left the earth and promised to come back later. But until then, we are not alone, for he has given us the Holy Spirit as our helper. And he has also given us instructions and called us to bear fruit. Like a grapevine overflowing with luscious grapes, we are to bear the fruit of God. And we do this according to a rather odd expression: we are to abide in the Vine.

Only One Way

We like options in our lives, lots of options. Classes to take, cars to buy, cell phone plans to sign up for. And what about religion? Can we have many options to choose from there, too? Spoiler alert: Jesus says no.

Love As I Have Loved You

In the final hours before His death, Jesus gives His disciples final marching orders, preparing them for a future without His physical presence. He begins with an act of humble, selfless, sacrificial, gracious love. As always, Jesus sets the example, inspiring us in how we ought to live and serve and love.

Walk in the Light While You Have It

We are now a little over half-way through John’s gospel, and we are coming to an end of John’s record of his public ministry. Jesus realizes that “the hour has come”, and he gives a final exhortation to all who will hear him: “Walk in the light, lest the darkness overtake you.” A final exhortation to believe that he is God’s Messiah. John records this exhortation for us: respond to Jesus while we still have the opportunity.

Responding to Jesus

Jesus was a polarizing figure. In some, He inspired passionate, extravagant love; in others intense and even violent hatred. Because of the hatred, there was a cost to following Jesus. The multitudes, once wildly excited, turned and abandoned Him when the going got rough. But one disciple gave her best and blessed Jesus, perhaps more than we ever imagined. How will you respond to Jesus? Will you see Him as a threat to be pushed away and rejected? Will you…

John 11 – Rising from the Dead

Death is our greatest enemy. And we spend countless dollars, energy, and even worry to hold it off as long as we can. But God not only has the answer, he is the answer.

John 10 – The Good Shepherd

Download sermon notes and discussion questions: (PDF, DOC) Today we continue our study of John in chapter 10. Jesus gives some of the most reassuring words in all the gospels. Jesus is the good shepherd. He calls to his people, his sheep, who know his voice, will follow him, and will never be cast out. If we are his sheep, if we believe he is the messiah, we can be sure he will never cast us away, even when the world…

I Was Blind, But Now I See

The word “enlightenment” has been popular since the 18th century in Europe, but mankind has always been hungry for enlightenment. To be in light and not in darkness. To know and follow truth, not lies. But how do we know what is light and true? Jesus, claiming to be the light of the world, encountered a man blind from birth and miraculously gave him sight. But even more than physical sight, this man found spiritual sight. In contrast, the religious community was confronted with their own spiritual blindness. In calling us to true light, Jesus calls us to himself. How will we respond?

The Father and the Son

Who really is Jesus? Just another religious figure, prophet, good teacher, or excellent moral example? Or was he actually sent from heaven by God the Father to point us toward heaven and to bring eternal salvation? If we humbly and sincerely read of Jesus’ miracles and his statements about himself, we are compelled to conclude that heaven truly has descended upon the earth. And we would do well to pay attention to Jesus, for our eternal future is at stake.

The Savior of the Whole World

In the 3rd and 4th chapter’s of his gospel, John highlights Jesus’s interaction with three very different individuals: a Sadducee, a Samaritan adulteress, and a royal official. Jesus reveals himself to all of them as the Son of God, the promised Messiah, and the savior of the whole world. He shows no partiality due to their religious or political affiliations, their social status, nor their ethnicity. All are invited to believe in him. We are meant to learn from his example and do likewise: love, serve, and invite everyone to faith in Jesus.

Gospel of John: Life in Jesus’ Name – The Word

Whether we are seekers or even skeptics, or we have been believers in Jesus Christ for many years, this Gospel can impact us. Throughout this book, we are confronted with the reality and uniqueness of Jesus, and we are called on to look to him for the answers to life. For Christianity is far more than another religion with good rules for living. Fundamentally, it is about a person, and his name is Jesus.

Gospel of John: Life in Jesus' Name – The Word

Whether we are seekers or even skeptics, or we have been believers in Jesus Christ for many years, this Gospel can impact us. Throughout this book, we are confronted with the reality and uniqueness of Jesus, and we are called on to look to him for the answers to life. For Christianity is far more than another religion with good rules for living. Fundamentally, it is about a person, and his name is Jesus.

The Holy Spirit and The New Birth

Prologue We are in week three of a series on The Holy Spirit. In the first message, Pastor Paul gave an excellent overview of who The Holy Spirit it is, and what He does.  In the second, Pastor Dave gave a very good Biblical history of the promised Holy Spirit, and the arrival of the Spirit in the church at Pentecost.   Our series is arranged roughly in the order we experience His presence and work in the church and…