Sermons on Philippians

Sermons on Philippians

Unity in disagreement for mission.

The mission of Jesus’s church is to bring glory to God by making disciples. Jesus taught us that unity is a cornerstone of this mission. Three enemies of unity are inaction, improper handling of disagreement, and false doctrine. This week we will examine the scriptures to find out how we can navigate disagreement well in the pursuit of unity and sound doctrine. And in so doing we will learn how to advance the mission: bringing God glory and helping people come to know him.

Citizens of a Different Kingdom

In his letter to the Christians in Philippi, Paul thanks them for their partnership with him in the work of preaching God’s word, and exhorts them to continue their faithful walk in following Christ, as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, who live a remarkably different life from the rest of the world. In this first section, Paul greets and encourages the church and prays they would be full of love and unity that stems from a knowledge of the truth and discernment of error, so that God may be glorified and praised by the watching world.

Stonebrook 101 – Part 3

  INTRODUCTION Not to sound rude, but….WHY ARE YOU HERE??  🙂 Why are you here? Now, I don’t mean, “Why are you at Stonebrook.” I mean, “Why are you alive and on this planet?” What is your purpose, your reason for being? We often hear from the business world or the self-help book world…or even the Christian world… “You need to find your purpose.  You need to write your personal mission statement.” I agree wholeheartedly. Otherwise we are aimless. Wandering. Simply doing…