Sermons by Guang Song

Sermons by Guang Song

Endless Riches in Christ through the Gospel

How is the gospel relevant to my life now that I am a Christian? Much in every way! I will speak about the abundant life and endless riches in Christ that we have through the gospel (John 10:10, Ephesians 3:7-8).

Devoted to Christ Part 2

Because God sent his Son to die in our place and then be raised from the dead, he proves in the greatest possible way that he is worthy of all our attention and affection. And he calls us to such a devotion toward him. Yet don’t we all know how many distractions there are that can steal our hearts away from him? How can we keep our attention on the most important person in our lives?

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

  Introduction The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most beautiful, life-giving message in the world. Through the suffering and resurrection of Christ 2000 years ago, eternal life is now available to everyone who calls on his name. But in spite of this beauty and love and glory found in Christ, that same message provokes hatred and animosity. And since the Apostles, believers throughout history have been willing to proclaim Jesus and suffer for it. And they have suffered. Hebrews 13:3 ESV “Remember…