Revelation 22:6-21 Study Questions

Revelation 22:6-21 Study Questions

  1. How is God’s word described in vs 6 and how do we know this to be a true statement about God’s character?
  2. Compare Revelation 22:7 with Revelation 1:3.  What is the main idea/s we are to learn from these two very similar verses?
  3. Vs 7 states “Look, I am coming soon!” Locate where this phrase is repeated in the rest of the chapter.  What does “soon” mean? (See 2 Peter 3:1-13)
  4. What does it practically look like to keep the words of the prophecy of this book?
  5. Compare what happens in Revelation 19: 10 and Revelation 22:8-9.  How was the response from the angel to John similar?  What does these verses teach us for today?
  6. Why was John told not to seal up the prophecy of this book?
  7. How will a righteous person’s rewards be determined in heaven according to vs. 12? (See also 2 Corinthians 5:10-11)
  8. What comfort can be drawn from God being the Alpha & the Omega?
  9. Compare and contrast those who enter the city and those who are excluded from the city.  How do the blessed wash their robes? 
  10. In what ways is Jesus both the Root and the Morning Star? (See Isaiah 11:1,10 and Numbers 24:17)
  11. How is the spirit and the bride reiterate what was said in Isaiah 12:3 & Isaiah 55:1 and by Jesus in Matthew 5: 6 and John 7:37-38?
  12. Where do people today add or subtract from God’s Word? 
  13. Why is scripture its own best interpreter?
  14. What are 2-3 major takeaways you learned from studying the book of Revelation?


1. Is there any area of complacency in my spiritual walk because I am sure of my ultimate heavenly destination? How is my spiritual walk advancing the kingdom of God?

2. In what ways am I tempted to add or subtract in my interpretation of the word of God?

3. How has studying Revelation blessed and changed me personally?