Luke 4:31-44 The Good News of the Kingdom of God

We all long for a world where chaos, brokenness, and death are no more. 2000 years ago someone came to earth declaring such a world, actually a new kingdom. Jesus of Nazareth came revealing an other-worldly power and authority—the kingdom of God—to restore all that is broken in us and in our world. This Sunday we will see Jesus and worship him as the King who has come and is coming again soon to reign over his glorious kingdom and make all things new and right.

Bring Your Nothing

Please open your bibles with me to Luke chapter 4.  Today we get to look at Luke’s account of the beginning of Jesus’s public ministry. It is a puzzling exchange! At first people seem to be excited about Jesus. Then he says some things that, if you don’t have the Old Testament memorized (raise your hand quick if you do?) Seem extremely cryptic, after which they try to kill him. (well, that escalated quickly….) I’m hopeful today that as we…

The Last Adam, Luke 3:23-4:15

I’m very excited for today’s sermon. I get to recite to you a list of 76 names, all of which are very difficult to pronounce! It really is a great section of scripture.  No seriously though, this is going to be a good day, the genealogies first, but then we get into a very strange exchange: one of only four or five appearances of the devil in the entire bible, and he’s talking directly with Jesus!  Genealogies were used by…

Luke 3:1-22

After more than 400 years of silence from God and enduring much political and moral upheaval, Israel was presented with an extraordinary moment. God sent a prophet named John (a.k.a., the Baptist) whose message was one of repentance, baptism, and forgiveness to turn hearts toward God in preparation for a coming Savior who would change the world. This Sunday we will look at God’s remarkable faithfulness and mercy and also see how John’s message is just as relevant for us today as it was centuries ago.

That We May Know Him

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series diving into the great story of the Savior of the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, written by a man named Luke. The author’s purpose for writing is clear: he wants the reader to have greater certainty of what he has heard about Jesus. Whether you are a member of Stonebrook or simply seeking to understand who Jesus really is, we will read Luke’s Gospel to know Jesus better and to trust him more, for we will discover there is no one like him.

First of all, Pray. The Effect of the Gospel on the Gathered Church

First I’ll set the stage, the context of the letter. The Apostle Paul had an interesting problem on his hands.  He had spent three years with the church he started in Ephesus, living with them and instructing them night and day, imparting to them the whole counsel of God.   After this he wrote them a definitive letter reminding them of The Gospel and instructing them in how they were to conduct themselves.   Now, just a few short years…

Words of Life or Death

Who among us has never uttered words that we deeply regret, some unhelpful, some destructive? This Sunday we will look at the wisdom of God regarding our words, what we say and what we type. By the grace of God through his Son we can learn to “tame our tongue” to bring good, not harm, to build up, not tear down.

Good Government

God-Honoring Authority Article (1) If you’re like me, you’re amazed by the polarization in society. (2) The social media mobbing. The cancel culture. The wild conspiracy theories that many people are actually believing. And this polarization is nowhere more intense than in politics. (3)It seems like the rhetoric on both sides is so extreme, whether it’s over systemic racism, critical race theory, defunding the police, supporting the police, immigration reform, election reform, abortion rights, rights of the unborn, discrimination because…

Zechariah 3: The High Priest’s Dirty Robes

We are continuing our series through the minor prophets this morning in Zechariah. Please turn there with me. Zechariah is the longest of the minor prophets. Same chapter count as Hosea, but more words. It has been called “little Isaiah” – because it picks up on many of the same themes and uses similar imagery.  The book is very complex and as far as an efficient summary and outline of the book as a whole, I don’t think I can…

Haggai- Be Strong for He Is with us

This Sunday we will look at the brief yet powerful prophetic book, Haggai. Through this man Haggai, God called his people to awaken from their slumber and do the work of rebuilding the Lord’s house, the temple. In spite of Israel’s dark history, the people responded quickly and obeyed the Lord by beginning the reconstruction. Yet just a month later, they began losing heart until the Lord spoke to them again, this time to be strong and do the work, for he is with them. Not only do we marvel at God’s call to his people Israel, we will discover similar calls he gives to us today.

Zephaniah: The Day of the Lord

1 The word of the Lord that came to Zephaniah the son of Cushi, son of Gedaliah, son of Amariah, son of Hezekiah, in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah. Zephaniah 1:1 (ESV) We know a lot about Zephaniah from this one verse! Zephaniah has the most complete genealogical listing of any of the prophets, and it’s here for a reason. He was the great, great, grandson of one of the few faithful kings of…

Habakkuk’s Lament and Joy

SERMON POWERPOINT Sunday, May 2, 2021  Brad Barrett Minor Prophets  Habakkuk’s Lament and Joy Slide (title) Two weeks ago my wife and I were at a retreat for pastors and their wives down in Des Moines at Living History Farms. During the worship time, one of the women in the music team shared a brief but intense story. Years ago during their church service, police came in and arrested her husband in front of the whole church for some illicit…

Micah – Who is Like the Lord?

In our series on the Minor Prophets, we will look at Micah’s words where he offers warnings of impending judgment for sin. But we will also find that he shouts words of hope of a coming glorious day of a Shepherd and Ruler from Bethlehem who is from ancient days. Who is like the Lord? For this Ruler, Jesus Christ, will bring security and peace to the earth at last in an eternal paradise, finally restoring what was lost millennia ago in Genesis 3 in the Garden. And he has come to bring us peace personally, as well. As we study Micah, we will discover that Jesus can become our greatest satisfaction and hope in life.