Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

First of all, Pray. The Effect of the Gospel on the Gathered Church

First I’ll set the stage, the context of the letter. The Apostle Paul had an interesting problem on his hands.  He had spent three years with the church he started in Ephesus, living with them and instructing them night and day, imparting to them the whole counsel of God.   After this he wrote them a definitive letter reminding them of The Gospel and instructing them in how they were to conduct themselves.   Now, just a few short years…

When God Seems Absent

Where do we go with our faith when God seems absent? How do we maintain faith when prayers seem unanswered, our circumstances all seem to be stacked against us, and we are filled with grief and sorrow and darkness in our hearts? Are we trapped, or is there a way out? We’ll explore what David did during these times and how we can rightly follow his example.

That the World May Know – John 17

In his last hours before his crucifixion—the worst horror and injustice the world has ever seen—Jesus prays. And his prayer is not ritualistic or rote but heartfelt and passionate. And he prays for us. What he prays and how he prays has tremendous significance for us as we learn of our mission and calling.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

  Introduction The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most beautiful, life-giving message in the world. Through the suffering and resurrection of Christ 2000 years ago, eternal life is now available to everyone who calls on his name. But in spite of this beauty and love and glory found in Christ, that same message provokes hatred and animosity. And since the Apostles, believers throughout history have been willing to proclaim Jesus and suffer for it. And they have suffered. Hebrews 13:3 ESV “Remember…