Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

The Story of God and Man Part 3: The Flood of Noah

This Sunday we will read one of the more remarkable stories in biblical history—the Flood of God’s judgment on the entire world, saving only one man and his family. This event, while it may provoke skepticism due to its extraordinary and severe nature, is declared not only in Genesis but by the Lord Jesus as a true, historical event of judgment and mercy. It serves as a warning to a future day of judgment when Christ returns to earth and as a reminder of God’s great mercy to us when we believe in his great deliverance through his Son.

The Story of God and Man Part 1: Creation

For our culture today, the most controversial thing Christians believe is that each of us was created by Almighty God, who designs and reveals our identity and purpose, and to whom we owe love, worship, and obedience. We are not our own. We belong to God. Join us this week as we marvel at the glorious truth of our wonderful, sovereign, loving creator, and the impact of that reality on our daily life.

God the Redeemer

The background story of our look at Genesis and the story of Joseph….very briefly: Joseph, as a 17-year-old kid, was favored by his father, Jacob. Because of this, his 10 older brothers despised him. They came this close to actually killing him, but instead they sold him to a caravan of foreigners as a SLAVE. Human trafficking existed nearly 4000 years ago. Joseph spends 13 years as a slave and in prison. Pharaoh, king of Egypt, has a dream from God. Joseph interprets…