Bible Study Questions

Bible Study Questions

Hebrews Chapter 1 Bible Study Questions

Hebrews Chapter 1 Questions: a. Heir of all things: b. Made the universe through him: c. The radiance of God’s glory: d. Exact expression of his nature: e. Sustaining all things by his powerful word: f.  Making purification for sins: g. At the right hand of the Majesty on high: h. Superior to the angels Application Questions:

Exodus 21-24 Bible Study Questions

3.  How is God’s law in 21:24 “life for a life, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand” not the same as seeking personal retaliation? 4. How is God glorified when justice is done and the law is upheld? 5. Which laws comfort you and which ones challenge your understanding? Why? 6. Who is this angel that God is referring to in 23:20-24? 7. What would the Lord do for his people if they devoted…

Exodus 19 & 20 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 19 & 20 Bible Study Questions Exodus 19 Exodus 20 16. What are ways God wants parents to be honored? 17. Why is the murder of another person a direct attack against God? 18. In what ways are adultery, stealing and bearing false testimony related to each other? 19. How does the first and tenth commandment deal with the human heart versus behavior?   20. How does covetousness threaten a person’s obedience to the nine other commandments? Application:

Exodus 18 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 18 Bible Study Questions: Exodus 18:1-12  Exodus 18:13-27 6. What did Jethro notice Moses doing for the people and why did he express concern? 7. What are ways Christians today try to carry out God’s calling by “doing it alone” rather than depending on others? 8. What was Jethro’s suggestion for a solution to Moses’s problem?  9. Read Acts 6:1-7.  How was the situation in the new testament church similar to the Jethro’s advice to Moses. 10. What gifts…

Exodus 12-14 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 12-14 Bible Study Questions Chapter 12 8.   Who left Egypt along with the Israelites? 9.   Read Genesis 15:13, Acts 7:6 and Galatians 3:17 and then Exodus 12:40.  What do you learn about God from this compilation of scriptures? 10.  What were the regulations given for the passover meal? 11.  How are the passover meal and the Lord’s supper alike?  How are they different?   12. Why did God instruct the Israelites to circumcise those who were foreigner’s…

Exodus 7-11 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 7-11 Bible Study Questions   What message was God trying to send to the Egyptians about their gods? 9. Who was spared from experiencing the consequences of plagues 4-9, why and what does this teach us about God? 10. What were the four compromises Pharaoh attempted to make with Moses & Aaron, and why were they rejected? 11. How is attempting to bargain with God’s will a demonstration of pride? 12. Read Proverbs 9:10.  What does it mean to…

Exodus 3-4 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 3-4 Bible Study Questions Exodus 3 Exodus 4 Application: *Note on the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart: Pastor Brad recommends that you examine Romans 1:24-28 because it sheds some light on how God deals with sinful hearts:  He gives them over to more sin.  One author described it as, “The judgment for sin is more sin.”  In addition the following study notes in the CSB Study Bible state this: “When the Lord hardened hearts, it was a matter of executing…

2 Timothy 4 Bible Study Questions

2 Timothy 4 Bible Study Questions 5. What is Paul and any other believer’s reward when they fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith? 6. Why is Christ’s righteousness the best reward anyone could ever receive? 7. Why did Paul want Timothy to make the effort to come to him soon? 8. Compare and contrast the similarities of Paul’s experience and attitude when he was brought to trial with that of Christ’s experience? 9. What confidence…

2 Timothy 3 Bible Study Questions

2 Timothy 3 Bible Study Questions 8.  What types of pressures and challenges was Timothy experiencing in his leadership and what did Paul command him to keep doing? 9. What can we learn about scripture from vs. 16-17? Application