Posts from March 2024

Posts from March 2024

Mar 31, 2024 Easter Service

This Week’s Service Prelude: There is One GospelWelcome & AnnouncementsPreparatory PrayerCall to WorshipSong of Celebration: Jesus is AliveSong of Assurance: It was Finished Upon that CrossSong of Adoration & Thanksgiving: Wood and Nails Multi-lingual Scripture Reading & PrayerChildren Dismissal & FellowshipSermon: Hebrews 10:1-18 – The sacrifice of ChristSong of Response: In Christ AloneBenediction

Mar 17, 2024 Worship Service

This Week’s Service Prelude: Grace AloneWelcome & AnnouncementsPreparatory PrayerCall to WorshipSong of Adoration & Supplication: Come Thou FountSong of New Creation: House of God ForeverChildren Dismissal & FellowshipSermon: Hebrews 8 – The Superior Covenant of the Lord JesusSong of Response: His Mercy is MoreBenediction After 1st Service:BaptismsSong of Response: Made Alive This Week’s Song Playlist Study Resources

Hebrews 6:13-7 Bible Study Questions

Hebrews Chapter 6:13-30 Hebrews Chapter 7 Application: 1. What comfort do I find in understanding that God’s promises depend not on my abilities, but on God’s faithfulness?  How does this impact my desire to wait and endure patiently like Abraham? 2. What am I tempted to put my hope in outside of Jesus and why will I never truly find security in those things?3. What do I find the most encouraging in Hebrews 6:13-7?