Sermons on 1 Timothy

Sermons on 1 Timothy

First of all, Pray. The Effect of the Gospel on the Gathered Church

First I’ll set the stage, the context of the letter. The Apostle Paul had an interesting problem on his hands.  He had spent three years with the church he started in Ephesus, living with them and instructing them night and day, imparting to them the whole counsel of God.   After this he wrote them a definitive letter reminding them of The Gospel and instructing them in how they were to conduct themselves.   Now, just a few short years…

Relationships: The Transition

The Scripture defines only a handful of male-female relationships. Parent-Child, Siblings, and spouses. We in the church are told to treat each other as family, along these lines. What does the transition from sibling to spouse look like? The world sends us many messages regarding dating, marriage, and sexuality, are any of them useful to us? What does dating look like for christians? Join us as we seek to discern cultural expectations (both worldly and our in-house evangelical culture) from biblical principle, and see how God might lead us here.

Spiritual Disciplines for the New Year

Don’t you love to watch people who are good at what they do? It doesn’t matter what it is, when you come across someone who is great at what they do, it is awe inspiring. It’s fun to watch. I’d like to show you a news clip that features my father-in-law. George used to tell the story of how he made a bet with someone. This fellow was skeptical that he could do what you just saw him do. George…