Sermons on Identity In Christ

Sermons on Identity In Christ

Treasure in Jars of Clay

A walk of faith is a life that is truly convinced of certain things about God and eternity. Such a confidence transforms us, strengthening us from the inside out and changing our perspectives on life here on earth and beyond. While Paul’s role as an apostle has some differences from our roles in the church, the principles remain unchanged. Paul fully intends that what he believes with all his heart will be passed on to us, and that we, too, will live our lives fully devoted to Jesus for the sake of his people, all to the glory of God.

The First Coming of Christ

We are entering into a season of remembrance of the greatest period of time and the most influential events in human history. This period centers on the person of Jesus Christ and his entrance into our world, when the divine took on humanity. This is his First Coming, or the First Advent. All of history and the foundation of our lives is built upon this Person and these events.

The New Birth

This message is about the theological concept of The New Birth or what it means to be “Born Again”.  Matt takes a slightly different approach in presenting this material and shares his life’s story, showing how the new birth impacted his life and quite literally in many ways changed him into a new person.