Sermons on Suffering

Sermons on Suffering

Persevering in Suffering

James points us to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as our source of hope in suffering. And he points us to prayer, that whether we are suffering, cheerful, or sick, our prayers have a powerful effect because God powerfully answers our prayers.


Introductory thoughts. Today we are beginning an 8-week series overviewing often neglected books of the Bible, the ones we don’t typically get around to when we’re thinking through sermon series.  I get to kick us off with a single sermon on 42 chapters of the book of Job. A large task, and one that I’ve really enjoyed digging into in the last couple of months.  Of course 40 minutes on this book is going to be totally insufficient for an…

To Him Be the Dominion Forever

  Introduction Suffering. Who wants it? Who likes it? When faced with suffering, our normal human response is to escape it. Whatever it takes to get out of pain, we will do. That’s normal, and even an appropriate response, because pain is…well….pain. It hurts. We would advise ourselves and other sufferers to do whatever it takes to escape from the pain. Today we are finishing a series on a letter the Apostle Peter wrote to churches in Asia Minor, modern-day…