Stewardship 2020

Stewardship 2020

Stewarding our Health

God gives each of us life and health. Although sickness and death are inevitable for all people, including Christians, we should do what we can to stay healthy and productive for His purposes. Yet there are so many different and often contradictory perspectives on diet, exercise, sleep, and whether traditional or alternative medicine is best. What does the Bible say about health? How much should we concern ourselves with health and what should that look like? We and everything we have belong to God. As wise managers, we should care for all that He’s entrusted to us, including our bodies.

Stewarding our Money

Money can seem like a necessary evil at times: we need and want more of it; we stress over it; we argue about it. Yet we also see good from money: providing for needs; giving it away to good causes. What is the Lord’s view on money? He is our Creator and heavenly Father, so what does he tell us? What heavenly perspectives and solutions does he have?

Stewardship of our Time

Time is short and the days are evil. How will we live? How will we spend our time? In light of the glorious calling from God into his eternal kingdom, we are to carefully examine our lives and to spend them in wisdom.