Sermons on Resurrection

Sermons on Resurrection

Luke 24 – The Resurrection: From Suffering to Glory

Though Jesus’ own disciples were highly skeptical that he actually rose from the dead, they were persuaded when they saw him and when he proved from the Scriptures what they should have already seen and believed. This Sunday we will read about what is arguably the most important event in history: the resurrection. We’ll discover some powerful implications for us in our daily lives, such as addressing our doubts and our source for truth.

Luke 24:13-27 – How Jesus Reveals Himself

After Jesus’s crucifixion and burial, even the apostles were devastated and confused, going only by what they could see. Their entire world was crashing around them, or so they thought. When Jesus finally does show up on that first Easter morning, the surprising ways he reveals himself to his despairing flock can teach us much about what we need from him today.

The Reality of Resurrecton

Easter is that time in the Christian calendar when we set our sights on the very foundation, roots, essence, and core message of our faith: the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Messiah, from the dead. It is very easy, with all the cultural and religious trappings of the holiday, to turn Jesus and his resurrection from the dead into another mere myth. I want to say emphatically that the Gospel Message that Christians proclaim, is not good…