Sermons on The Church

Sermons on The Church

Reignite, Part 2 - The Plan

Reignite Part 2: The Plan

Stonebrook’s whole ministry is designed around this task: helping one another abide in Jesus love, and live with it in full view, every day of our lives.
Reignite, Part 1, Stonebrook DNA

Reignite, part 1 – Stonebrook DNA

(Download: SERMON SLIDES.PDF, sermon notes and discussion questions: .PDF, .DOCX) Last week, this week, and next, we are taking a short break from our walk-through study of John’s Gospel. This week and next we wanted to spend some time here before we begin the ministry year, to take a step back and talk through the foundation of who we are as a church, and talk about our theme for this ministry year: Reigniting a commitment to Stonebrook’s core mission and…

Reformation Sunday: Semper Reformanda

500 years ago, the protestant reformation brought the light of the truth of scripture back to a church that had lost its way in the medieval period. The recaptured tenets of the reformation: Salvation by grace through faith alone, personal participation in worship, and scripture as the final authority for faith and practice, are still relevant and essential for us today.