Luke 10:25-37 Study Questions

Luke 10:25-37 Study Questions

Luke 10:25-37 Study Questions

1. What question did the lawyer ask Jesus and how did Jesus answer?

2. What did the lawyer desire when he asked Jesus “who is my neighbor”, and how did Jesus answer him?

3. How was the lawyer’s heart condition revealed by Jesus’s parable?

4. Define mercy and how did the Samaritan demonstrate mercy to the injured man?

5. What would be modern day examples of groups that are contentious towards each other like the Jews and the Samaritans?  What groups do you personally tend to be contentious towards and why?

Application Questions:

1. What “neighbors” has God placed in your path that you would rather avoid?

2. How have you shown mercy to the poor and marginalized in our society lately?

3. Does your schedule and finances have enough margin to be available to help others when needs arise?  If not, what changes could you make?

4. How are you like the injured man and like the good Samaritan, how has Jesus provided and cared for you in your most vulnerable or hopeless moments?