Luke 12:1-12 Study Questions

Luke 12:1-12 Study Questions

Luke 12:1-12 Study Questions

1. What do we learn about the crowd in verse 1?

2. In what ways is a large crowd of people clamoring to see Jesus a temptation for the disciples?

3. What behavior or attitude did Jesus warn his disciples of?

4. How is hypocrisy like leaven (yeast) in the human heart?

5. How does the light of God’s truth work differently than the leaven of hypocrisy and why should the light NOT be hidden?

6. Why do believers need not fear man, but should fear God?

7. How does a reverent fear of God help conquer all other fears?

8. Define the word “Omniscient” and how does this attribute of God comfort or challenge you?

9.  How does living openly about our faith in Jesus help us avoid hypocrisy?

10. Read Romans 8:34 and Hebrews 7:25.  What is Jesus doing for us in heaven right now?  How does that impact your motivation to acknowledge Jesus to other people?

11. What is blasphemy?  How might one blaspheme the holy spirit?

12. How does a person receive the holy spirit and to whom does the Spirit bear witness?

13. Who did Jesus say would help the disciples speak to rulers or authorities and how? (Read Acts chapter 4 to see an account that attests to this scripture)

Application Questions:

1.  How have desires for acceptance and popularity or the fear of man caused me to compromise in my walk with Jesus? 

2. What scripture verses could I memorize to help me fight hypocrisy and fear?

2.  How have other people been able to see the light of Jesus through my choices, behaviors, and words?

3.  Since accepting Jesus, what fruit has the spirit produced in my life that would have been impossible to produce before Jesus?

4. What is comforting about the holy spirit being willing and able to help me give a ready answer about my hope in Jesus?