Luke 14:7-35 Study Questions

Luke 14:7-35 Study Questions

Luke 14:7-24 Study Questions

1. While Jesus was dining at the house of the ruler of the Pharisee, what behavior did Jesus notice that compelled him to share a parable?

2. What happens to the guest at the wedding feast that arrives and takes the place of honor right away?

3. Where should a guest to the wedding feast aim to sit and why?

4. What is the root cause of exaltation of self?  How is this encouraged by our culture today?

5. Define humility and how does one put “humbling himself” into daily practice?

6. What is false humility and why is it just as dangerous as prideful self-promotion?

7. How did Jesus demonstrate humility in his life and ministry on earth and in his relationship with God the Father?

8. What instructions does Jesus give to his host (the Pharisee) about whom he should be inviting to dinners and banquets and for what reason?

9. How are those that accept Jesus as their savior like the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame?

10. How might the social life/fellowship of the church devolve into exclusivity like the dinners/banquets the Pharisees were used to hosting? 

11. How does having a heart rich towards God combat a desire to be repaid for our deeds by men?

12. A guest at the dinner with Jesus responded, “Blessed is everyone who eats bread in the kingdom of God.”  What does this response tell us about this man’s future expectations?

13. In the parable of the great banquet, what were the three excuses given to host of the banquet and why were these excuses such an insult?

14. Who was invited to the banquet instead and who will never taste the banquet?

15 What types of excuses do people use to put off the invitation by Christ?  What excuses to Christians use to justify not spending time with Christ?


1. What status symbols am I tempted to pursue to promote myself or make myself feel important, reputable, and honored apart from Christ?

2. What relationships do I have in life that are purely an expression of love and grace and do not have any “strings attached” regarding myself-esteem, self-fulfillment, or self-service?

3. What could I share about the way I was invited to the Lord’s banquet and why I said yes to the invitation?  Who could I share that story with today?

4. How have I been able to “taste and see” that the Lord Jesus has been good to me? 

  Luke 14:25-35 Study Questions

1. What does Jesus say it takes to be his disciple?

2. What does it cost to follow Jesus?

3. What does it practically look like to renounce all that we have?

4. What does the salt represent in the life of a disciple of Jesus? (also refer to Matthew 5:13)

5. How is salt treated when it loses its saltiness? 

Application Questions:

1. What types of things or people do I cling to/fear losing in this world?

2. What expectations do I have about what following Jesus will cost me and is there anything I am unwilling to pay?

3. How does my love for Jesus impact my daily choices, behaviors, and actions?  What do I need to stay salty?