Luke 17:20-18:9 Study Questions

Luke 17:20-18:9 Study Questions

Luke 17:20-18:9 Study Questions

1. What did the Pharisees ask Jesus about and what was Jesus’s answer in vs 20-21?

2. How was the kingdom of God in the midst of them?  Why were the Pharisee’s missing it?

3. What does Jesus tell his disciples to expect to see on the day when the Son of Man returns?(vs 24)

4. What did the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah have in common? 

5. What will people be doing when the Son of Man returns?

6. Why is it futile to try to calculate the day of Jesus’s return? (See Matthew 25:13 & Luke 12:40)  What should believers be doing while waiting for the return of their King?

7. What will happen to those who do not believe in Jesus on the day of his return?

8. What is the only way to preserve/keep your life in the end?

Application Questions:

1. When looking at my choices, actions, words, and daily habits, are there any places where I have failed to acknowledge the King of the kingdom like the Pharisees?

2. How am I preparing for Christ’s return daily?

3. What things in this world distract me from focusing on or giving my time to eternal things?

4. What does Jesus promise in this passage and how does this give me hope in today?