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Posts by Matt Heerema

Revelation 1 Study Questions

Revelation 1:3 tells us why this book is important. Reflect on how we can receive the blessing that is promised. What does John expect his readers to do with what he is writing? How might the church in the first century have followed John’s exhortation to “Keep what is written in it…”? How can we do that today? How can we understand John’s statement that “the time is near” in a way his readers might have understood it? (Be careful…

Core Seminar: An Overview of Eschatology

On Saturday January 15, 2023 we spent two hours together overviewing the four major historic positions and viewpoints on Eschatology – or “The End Times”. A corrective note from Pastor Matt: As Pastor Dave brought up in the seminar, I did make one error with regard to Dispensationalism’s take on the timing of the battle of armageddon (Revelation 16:16). In my understanding there is not agreement among Historic Premillennialists about the relationship of the events of Revelation 16:16 to the…

Basics of Interpretation

In these three brief videos, Pastor Matt outlines a basic process and principles for interpreting the Bible. We hope this serves you well as you seek to understand and apply God’s Word in your own study, or with your small group. Basics of Interpretation, Introduction – What are we trying to do, and why? Basics of Interpretation, Part 1 – Principles of Interpretation Basics of Interpretation, Part 2 – Interpretation Process Supporting Material Seminar handout, bibliography, and recommended tools (PDF)…

SCC Core Discussion: The Conscience

Saturday’s Core Meeting included a teaching and discussion over what the Bible has to say about our consciences. We read and discussed Romans 14, referenced 1 Corinthians 8 & 9, and recommended the book Conscience by Andy Naselli and J.D. Crowley.

SCC Core Meeting 3/13/21 – Providence

On Saturday 3/13/21, The Stonebrook Core Leaders met for a teaching on the doctrine of Providence – some open floor discussion on the topic, and then some other discussion on things going on at the church.