Sermons on Stonebrook Mission, Vision, and Values

Sermons on Stonebrook Mission, Vision, and Values

Reignite, Part 2 - The Plan

Reignite Part 2: The Plan

Stonebrook’s whole ministry is designed around this task: helping one another abide in Jesus love, and live with it in full view, every day of our lives.
Reignite, Part 1, Stonebrook DNA

Reignite, part 1 – Stonebrook DNA

(Download: SERMON SLIDES.PDF, sermon notes and discussion questions: .PDF, .DOCX) Last week, this week, and next, we are taking a short break from our walk-through study of John’s Gospel. This week and next we wanted to spend some time here before we begin the ministry year, to take a step back and talk through the foundation of who we are as a church, and talk about our theme for this ministry year: Reigniting a commitment to Stonebrook’s core mission and…

Stonebrook 101 – Part 2

  Introduction Last week Paul kicked off our three week series, “Stonebrook 101” and did an excellent job of contrasting the competing visions of life: one aimed at pleasing ourselves, and one aimed at pleasing God.  SELFIE VISION VS. JESUS VISION He called the life aimed at pleasing ourselves and making ourselves famous the selfie vision (and here’s a picture of him pretending to take a selfie…, and to be fair here’s a selfie I took recently. This is me…

Why We Do What We Do on Sunday Morning

(The following are Matt’s speaking notes. They are not a direct transcript of the audio linked here) PROLOGUE  My aim: to strengthen you personally, and equip you to pass this on to your fellow brothers and sisters, to the end that you will have a better understanding of, appreciation for, and therefore, ability to get more out of our worship gatherings, and that you will be able to help your brothers and sisters to do so as well. Worship is…
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